Jul 16, 2010

Tips and Tricks How to face the Perfectionists Boss

For most employees, the employer is the most obnoxious person in demand for job completion. Actually what the problem is not difficult to do the job but it is the perfection of the results requested by a Boss. A perfectionist boss always do not believe in the work of his men, tend to be better doing the work themselves, with their own hight standard, so he would be satisfied get the results. Even when he was handed the job to his men, he tends to always dictate the flow of the process and expected results, which were completed by his subordinates are. In other words, nd the results obtained by his men must be in accordance with the criteria and standards of quality he wanted. Although his men had tried to do the job well, quickly, and as perfect as possible, but for Mr. Perfect Boss, it all has not reached the standards he wanted. In the end, he felt compelled to check back, so detailed as possible, the work of these subordinates. So maybe if too strayed from his desire, then that would be obtained scathing criticism of his subordinates.
Some of the tips below may be mild to a little help you in overcoming your frustration and aggravation in dealing with a perfect boss.

1. Understand the nature and his desire without thinking how to change it.
Many of the pressures faced by subordinates who have a perfectionist boss. Even a lot of hurt, frustrated, had to resign because he felt always in criticism and feelings of inadequacy.
To avoid it, understand its nature, and also what is the desire to obtain the final result. Do not ever try to give input in a way that you suggest. Because it would only make you seem too bossy. So it's best, listen to what he ordered, and do it the way he wanted.

2. Know and Understand what methods become the standard measure of his desire.
Before you complete the tasks assigned to you, you should find out first, what is the standard size, and what method, completion of work to be done. If you think its necessary, ask directly with your boss, what kind of quality standards that he wanted. So the end result is not too much should we correct the error.

3. Avoid errors as small as possible.
Perhaps you receive the command is clear enough, and you even really understand what method you should use to finish the job in hand it to you. But you must know, the perfectionist boss always considered himself more understanding than you. In his view there was a mistake that you make and finish the job. To avoid that, you'd better be more careful in completing the work in the assigned to you. Avoid any slightest mistake. Even your attitude that shows you can get the job done easily. Show respect to him, though you will still need input and guidance from him.

4. Find out what you need to know
To face the perfecsionist boss, you should be more active. Do not be ashamed or afraid to ask questions, especially about anythings that you did not have to understand. Let's say he was a teacher for you. One of man's nature is happy to be respected. Ask politely about what your lack of understanding. He'll answer all your questions with pleasure, even as details as possible, such as the results he wants. You should note what he explained, so you do not forget. So besides you will get to know your wishes will also be more input about how you should do the job. Therefore indirectly you will be spared from criticism, and certainly the end result in accordance with the standards he wanted.

5. Do not ever deny and avoid conflict
Not all employees are always slow to act in the eyes of a boss who is a perfectionist. Actually, he can also assess the attitudes and behavior of subordinates a competent performance in completing her tasks. But there are also some employees who thought such trivial things. From the attitude and behavior can be in the know, whether employees work on a given task quickly, or slow and a lot of delay or waste time. Better to accept the tasks you need to act quickly, do not feel reluctant, do not do with laziness, or even turn away and gain time to do it. This will make him put your name in the "black list" of it. You will be regarded as lazy, or dissent. So far much better exhaust the internal conflict within yourself. Do it as soon as possible, never put off the job.

6. Avoid a sense of pride
One mistake is to feel proud when employees successfully completed the job on time and according to desire a higher authority. Normally a perfectionist boss always considered subordinate to the quality of the work under the standard desires. So he felt no need to reward or praise to his employees. To not make you upset, you should avoid pride, or expectations are rewarded or praised. Do all your work with sincerity and sense of responsibility. Because that's what you did in salary.

So the point is, the fate and future of your career in the hands of your Boss. For that do the best possible of all jobs handed to you. Do the appropriate standards and desires. Make yourself as a good listener and executor.

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