Jul 23, 2010

Tips Before Looking for New Jobs

Tips Before Looking for New Jobs

There are many reasons why people should find a new job. Whatever the reason, there are several steps that must be considered before finding a new job. New job search process is not as easy as what we have before us. This is not just looking for information on job vacancies in newspapers, information from the Internet, or because you have a friend who occupy important positions in a company., And then you send a resume, curiculum vitae, and interviews. But there are some non-technical factors which must remain a consideration.
In addition to preparing for our return to new job skills that will be our targets there are still some other things that need to be noticed.

1. At least we should have savings for six months .
Usually when someone try to find a new job is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. It could be after we have resigned, for three months we have not gotten a new job. Therefore we must prepare our need funds, so long as we have not gotten a new job.

2. Seeking as much information as possible about the position in the offer becomes a job. Whether it's about how big a job to be our responsibility, and how about the monthly income is also about our welfare for a year. Do not be fooled by high monthly income, but in reality will be low if compared annually with our previous work.

3. Find out more in the background of the company.
Find to know hen starting up, its development until now, the number of employees they hire, operating companies engaged in what, the company's prospects going forward, the legality of the company, the company's good name, the location of the company, and shareholders or funders . Essentially you have to see this organization more widely and more complex. This is very important, because we do not want companies where we worked was closed when we have not until a year working there.

4. Think again about the career track.
Whether there is a possibility for higher office, or at least to an increase in revenue each year. Many large companies are stingy against the welfare of their employees. So much that his salary does not rise for more than three years.

5. Prepare your mental again.
Whether you are ready with the new environment will change, whether it's about people who exist in dalmnya, or whether the company's working system. Because a lot of adjustments that we have to do when we find an other job in other companiy. Working atmosphere is one key factor in productivity. Do not let it can interfere with your work situation will be.

If you've been thinking about the possibility, and you are ready, then find a new job is one way to improve your career and your income.

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