Jun 8, 2011

PT BW Plantation Tbk-Management Trainee Administrasi Kebun

Come & Be A Part of Us!

“BW Plantation is committed to create an environment of a “HAPPY COMMUNITY” amongst our co-workers.”

“BW Plantation strongly acknowledge and believe that people are our most valueable assets, we therefore strive for teamwork, respect for individuals and appreciation for all our differences.”

“BW Plantation is committed to open, honest communication, listening and follow-through to foster culture of personal development, professional excellence and the opportunity to excel as well as recognise and reward team and individuals that contribute to our success”

We are never satisfied with mediocrity, so we aim to stretch our performance and to push continually the boundaries of what is impossible.
(Source : “BW Plantation Code of Conduct”)

Management Trainee Administrasi Kebun
(Kalimantan Tengah)


Laki-laki, Single, max 27 thn
Min D3 Akuntansi/ Ekonomi Manajemen
Fresh graduate dipersilakan untuk melamar
Bersedia untuk ditempatkan di seluruh Indonesia
Menyukai tantangan
Mampu bekerja di bawah tekanan & deadline
Menyukai hal detail & sistematis
Memiliki kemampuan komputer Ms. Office terutama Ms. Excel (pengolahan data dengan pivot table)

BW Plantation employs various people from different background and we are constantly on the scout for new talents. So if you are up for a challenge in the creative industry, send in your CV and portfolio to:

PT BW Plantation Tbk
Menara Batavia Lt. 22
Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 126
Jakarta 10220

Telp: +62 21 5740988, 5747428
Fax: +62 21 5740987, 5747429



(Tidak lebih dari 2 MB / not more than 2 MB)
Current Job Opening (valid until July 31st, 2011)
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